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🚨Pope John XXIII Is Dead

June 3, 1963 - Pope John XXIII died in the Vatican tonight while Cardinals and other prelates and several of his relatives prayed around his sickbed. He was 81 years old. John XXIII was the 261st Pope to sit on the throne that was first occupied by the Apostle Peter. In the four years, seven months, and six days of his reign he conquered the hearts of people throughout the world. Few other Popes before him were so universally admired. The Pope’s death came at 7:49 p.m. (2:49 p.m. New York time). After a long struggle, the Pope developed peritonitis, brought on by a stomach tumor that was discovered last November. His doctors had given up hope at the onset of the peritonitis, an inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity. This was given as the cause of his death. Before entering his last state of coma, he repeatedly said in Latin: “Into Thy hands, O Lord, I commit my soul.” John XXIII was elected Pope Oct. 28, 1958. The Pope dedicated much of his pontificate to promoting Christian unity and the unity of all men as brothers with a common God. In his last words, addressed to the assembled Cardinals and prelates around his sickbed, the Pope said: “Ut unum sint.” They are Latin words meaning “That they may be one.” The words were originally spoken by Jesus after the Last Supper.


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