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Police Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connor to Seek Nomination for Governor of Alabama

Jan. 17, 1962 - Police Commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor (pictured) said today that he would seek the nomination for Governor of Alabama in the May 1 Democratic primary. He indicated that the racial issue would be in the fore of his campaign. Mr. Connor, a segregationist, said that Alabama “needs a Governor in the coming four years whom the people can trust completely on this racial issue, one who will do everything that can be done to stop the slaughter of the right of the states to make and enforce their own laws on local issues.” Mr. Connor is a former legislator and has served as Public Safety Commissioner in Birmingham for more than 20 years. He is National Democratic Committeeman from Alabama. Announced candidates for Governor also include Lieut. Gov. Albert Boutwell of Birmingham, State Senator Ryan deGraffenried of Tuscaloosa, Attorney General MacDonald Gallion, and former Circuit Judge George Wallace.


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