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Podres: ’63 Win Better than 1955

Oct. 6, 1963 - The Dodgers virtually exploded with joy, Sandy Koufax was undoubtedly the happiest man in the nation, and Walter Alston sat sipping coffee amid the popping of champagne corks. “This makes up for last year!” shouted Johnny Podres, who added in answer to a question: “Damn right it’s better than ’55. Why, you just can’t beat those guys four straight.” Through the bedlam of a dressing room understandably gone berserk after the Dodgers won the World Series today, manager Alston said: “I am as proud of this team as any I have ever had. Of my three world championship teams, I would say this one has the best pitching and the most speed.” Koufax, said his manager, worked an even better game than he did in striking out 15 Yankees in the Series opener. “He didn’t pitch as fast,” said Alston. “He was a little excited in New York. Today it was hotter, and he paced himself a little better.” Sandy thought he had a better fastball, even though he struck out only eight batters. “But my curves and changes were getting in there, too,” he said, taking a big sip of domestic champagne. “I thought I made two of my best pitches in the ninth [called third-strike curves to Tom Tresh and Mickey Mantle].” Sandy said Mantle his a fastball for his homer in the seventh. “When the ball’s hit that hard, you know you threw it pretty fast. Down through their lineup, the Yanks are tougher than the Giants. I don’t know about the Cardinals, though. They have a tough batting order.” Koufax was named the most valuable player in the Series by Sports Magazine. As a reward, he will receive a new sports car, awarded by the magazine annually to the top performer in the Series. He also is a top contender for the most valuable player award in the National League and the Cy Young award as baseball’s best pitcher.


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