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Pistons and Bullets in Major Multi-Player NBA Deal

June 9, 1964 - The Baltimore Bullets’ hopes of soaring in the NBA will be riding with five ex-Detroit Pistons. Bailey Howell (pictured #18 in 1962), Don Ohl, Bob Ferry, Wally Jones, and Les Hunter — a blend of speed, power, versatility, scoring, and defensive know-how — today were obtained for Terry Dischinger, Rod Thorn, and Don Kojis.

“We’ve now got the makings to be in the thick of contention,” enthused Baltimore owner Dave Trager, who culminated the swap with Charley Wolf, Detroit’s coach-general manager, in Chicago. “We hated to trade youngsters with such potential, but we’re looking for a boost right now, and we picked up experience and youth.”

The 6-7 bruiser, Howell, greatest scorer in Detroit history, is a five-year veteran, the 6-8 Ferry, six, and Ohl four. The 7-7 Hunter and ball-handling whiz Jones were plucked second and third in the recent draft. Dischinger was 1963 rookie of the year, and Thorn and ex-A.A.U. hero Kojis made their pro debuts last winter.

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