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Pirates Rehire Manager Murtaugh

Sept. 22, 1962 - Danny Murtaugh (pictured) was rehired for his sixth full year as manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates today. “I’m glad to be back,” said Murtaugh at a news conference in front of the Pirates’ dugout before the start of the Pittsburgh-Milwaukee game at Forbes Field. It was believed Murtaugh got a slight raise over the estimated $35,000 he received this year. Murtaugh took over as interim manager late in 1957 after the firing of Bobby Bragan. Murtaugh’s Pirates came up with the sports surprise of the year in 1960 by winning the National League pennant, then clawing out a 4-3 World Series verdict over the New York Yankees. The Pirates fell all the way to sixth place in 1961. This year, the club is assured of fourth place and has only a slim chance of doing better.


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