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Pirates’ Manager Murtaugh: Giants Team to Beat in 1963

Jan. 21, 1963 - Pittsburgh Pirate manager Danny Murtaugh (pictured left with Phillies manager Gene Mauch) conceded today the San Francisco Giants were the team to beat in the 1963 National League pennant scramble. “But any team can win it if a couple players get hot,” Murtaugh quickly added. “The Reds and the Dodgers are right up there, and the Cards will have a good hitting club.” The cigar-smoking Murtaugh offered no predictions on his own club’s performance. He said he thought Donn Clendenon, Dick Schofield, and rookie Bob Bailey would capably fill the gap in the Bucs’ infield created by trades and that pitcher Vernon Law was a definite question mark and must prove himself.


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