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Philadelphia Warriors To Move to San Francisco

May 23, 1962 - The Philadelphia Warriors’ franchise in the NBA was sold today for a record $850,000 and was transferred to San Francisco. Eddie Gottlieb sold the club, and the transfer was approved at a meeting of the NBA board of governors. However, in San Francisco, the Saints of the American Basketball League said they would file a $3 million anti-trust suit against the NBA within five days. Kevin O’Shea, the Saints’ general manager, told The A.P.: “We’re going to go out and fight them.” The Saints began operating in San Francisco last season. Ned Irish of the New York Knickerbockers and Walter Brown of the Boston Celtics, members of the board of governors, disapproved of the franchise shift. They voted against the change because the Warriors, with Wilt Chamberlain (pictured), were good attractions at the gate. Frank McGuire, who left his post as coach at the University of North Carolina last year to coach the Warriors, has expressed reluctance about moving his family to the West Coast. McGuire could not be reached for comment regarding the Warrior shift.


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