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Peter Ustinov Sued Over “The Pink Panther”

Jan. 9, 1963 - The Mirisch Company announced today that it was suing Peter Ustinov (pictured with his wife Suzanne) for $175,000. The independent movie company charged that the actor-writer had violated a contract. According to the Mirisch Company, Mr. Ustinov was committed to star in its film, “The Pink Panther,” which is being made in Rome. Just before the picture was to go before the cameras last Nov. 5, the company was told that Mr. Ustinov would not report for work. Peter Sellers was hired to replace Mr. Ustinov. However, the Mirisch company contended that in order to get Mr. Sellers, the shooting schedule had to be reorganized at considerable expense. In the cast of “The Pink Panther,” besides Mr. Sellers, are David Niven, Robert Wagner, Capucine, and Claudia Cardinale. The picture is being directed by Blake Edwards.

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