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Patterson to Defend Heavyweight Crown Against Liston this Summer

Mar. 16, 1962 - Floyd Patterson will defend the heavyweight boxing title against Sonny Liston next summer. The two fighters signed a 10-page contract in New York today. It provides that the bout be held between June 18 and Sept. 30. “We’ve already received an offer of a million-dollar guarantee from Seattle,” said Tom Bolan, president of Championship Sports. “The other cities under consideration are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and Philadelphia.” Patterson today appeared drowsy and bored. Liston’s facial expression varied from a blank stare to a scowl at no one in particular. When the two fighters sat side by side, the 220-pound challenger seemed to dominate the dais. By comparison, the 192-pound Patterson looked like a displaced middleweight. When they shook hands, Liston’s big paw almost hid the champion’s. Liston was asked to name his training site. He said, “Oh, I’ll probably start training in the basement of my house about a week before the fight.”


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