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Patrick Bouvier Kennedy Reinterred at Arlington

Dec. 4, 1963 - President Kennedy’s two children who had been buried in New England have been reinterred beside their father in Arlington National Cemetery, it was announced tonight. It is understood that the President’s widow and his brothers, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and Senator Edward M. Kennedy, were present at the graveside. The White House press secretary, Pierre Salinger, issued the following statement: “On behalf of Mrs. Kennedy, I am announcing that Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, born on Aug. 7, 1963 and died on Aug. 9, 1963, and an infant girl, dead at birth on Aug. 23, 1956, have joined their father, President Kennedy, in the Arlington National Cemetery. Patrick was buried at Brookline, Mass., and the little girl in Newport, R.I. Their remains were brought to Washington today on the family plane, the Caroline, and were accompanied here by Senator Edward M. Kennedy. The family was at Arlington for the interment at which Bishop [Philip M.] Hannan presided.” The statement was made by Mr. Salinger as a representative of the Kennedy family and not as White House press secretary. The interment service was held from about 8:30 to 8:45 p.m. It was a private ceremony with no spectators or newsmen in attendance. The cemetery was closed off, and military policemen at the gates would give no information of any kind.


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