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Paris T.V. Figures Gets U.S. Prison Term for Heroin Smuggling

Sept. 13, 1963 - A Paris television figure was sentenced in Brooklyn today to 3 to 6 years in prison for smuggling into this country 24 pounds of pure heroin worth $3.5 million in the illicit market. The defendant, Jacques Angelvin (pictured right after his arrest last year), 48, interrupted his trial last May 22 to plead guilty to conspiracy charges. Angelvin was said to have smuggled into this country a total of 114 pounds of heroin in his automobile, which was shipped from Europe. The indictment, however, charged him with possession of only 24 pounds. Most of the remaining heroin was found in a secret compartment by narcotics agents who seized the car in the Bronx. Angelvin and a co-defendant, Francois Scaglia, 34, a Paris nightclub manager, were arrested on Jan. 18, 1962, after police and Federal agents found the 24 pounds of heroin in the ceiling of a Brooklyn home. Scaglia was found guilty of conspiracy and possession with intent to sell. He was sentenced to a term of 11 to 22 years.


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