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Parents of Colonel Glenn Say Prayers Have Been Answered

Feb. 20, 1962 - The parents of Lieut. Col. John Glenn Jr. (pictured in 1945), radiant and relieved that their long wait was over, said today that their prayers had been answered. A crowd of about 1,200 persons roared their applause as the beaming couple came into the Muskingum College gymnasium in New Concord, Ohio this afternoon to give their thoughts while their son was in orbit. “It’s a hard question to answer,” said the astronaut’s mother when asked to describe her feelings. “Feelings are something you cannot put into words,” she said. “Never for a moment since John was chosen for the astronaut project were there ever any doubts of his success. Right now, I am so very, very thankful to God for the safety and success of his mission.” An ebullient Mr. Glenn clasped his hands overhead like a boxer as the crowd roared its tribute.


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