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Packers Trounce Cardinals at Busch Stadium

Oct. 20, 1963 - The Green Bay Packers scored the first five times they had the ball and trounced the Cardinals, 30-7, today at Busch Stadium St. Louis. The contest was marked by roughing penalties and an injury to the throwing hand of Packer quarterback Bart Starr. Starr was hurt in the third quarter after a fist-swinging incident in which a Cardinal defensive back, Jimmy Hill, was ejected. The two exchanged words and threw a few punches at each other. Starr went to the sideline and had his hand packed in ice after Hill was ejected. John Roach replaced Starr for the rest of the game. Jerry Kramer kicked field goals of 39, 26, and 34 yards, and Tom Moore and Jim Taylor each scored from a yard out for Green Bay. A crowd of 32,224, the largest to see a regular-season Cardinal game in St. Louis, was disappointed as the high-powered Cardinal offense was frustrated in the first half. Green Bay scored on the game’s first play, Starr pitching 45 yards to Boyd Dowler. Seven plays later, Moore dashed for his touchdown, and the Packers were on their way to their fifth triumph in six games. Even though injuries began to take a toll in the second half, Packer coach Vince Lombardi was more concerned with what he said was the physical letdown of his players. “This was the first time I’ve ever seen one of my teams wilt,” he said. “It was hot [85 degrees], but we’ve played in hotter weather.” But even though the Packers wilted, Lombardi said they played well. “I wouldn’t call it our best game,” he said, “but it was a good one.” Jimmy Hill, the ejected Cardinal, said Bart Starrr kicked him while both were on the ground. “I know he didn’t mean to kick me,” said Hill afterward, “and I knew I shouldn’t have hit him. I apologized.” Starr said, “It happened so fast, I don’t know what happened.” He knew what came later. He stayed on the bench for the rest of the game with his passing hand packed in ice. Later, a small splint was applied. The seriousness of the injury and when he will be able to play again were not known.


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