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Packers Sign Kicker to Fill In for Hornung

Nov. 17, 1961 - The Green Bay Packers signed Ben Agajanian (pictured), a 41-year-old kicker, today to take over part of Paul Hornung’s duties. Agajanian will play in Green Bay in Sunday’s NFL game against the Los Angeles Rams. Agajanian formerly played with the Rams and Giants. He was waived out of the American Football League by the Dallas Texans earlier in the day. While playing in college, Agajanian had four toes of his kicking foot crushed in a work accident and then amputated in 1939, but overcame the injury to become one of the NFL’s top kickers. Hornung, the Packers’ triple-threat halfback, went on active duty with the Army Monday and will not get a weekend pass to play.


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