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Packers’ Jim Taylor: “I Never Took a Worse Beating”

Dec. 30, 1962 - “I never took a worse beating on a football field,” said Green Bay fullback Jim Taylor (#31) in the dressing room following the Packers’ 16-7 win over the Giants in the NFL championship game today at Yankee Stadium. Taylor, whose seven-yard run in the second period gave the Packers their only touchdown, added, “The Giants hit me hard, and then I hit the ground hard. I got it both ways.” Taylor, the league’s leading rusher this year, said Giant defenders hurled verbal insults at him throughout the game, calling him overrated. “I just rammed it back down their throats by letting my running do my talking,” he said. “They couldn’t rattle me.” Both Paul Hornung and Taylor said the frozen field made it impossible to make their usual cut-backs. Hornung paid the Giants a left-handed compliment by echoing Taylor’s sentiments. “I never played a tougher game,” he said. Packer guard Jerry Kramer, whose three field goals proved to be the winning margin, described his kicking technique. “I just aimed for the middle and prayed. It’s the first game my kicking ever made the difference on the scoreboard — and boy, it felt great.” “I don’t even know the final score,” said a happy Vince Lombardi. “All I know is we won. That’s all that counts.”


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