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Packers’ Bill Quinlan Defends NFL Players

Jan. 10, 1963 - Bill Quinlan (pictured), star defensive end of the champion Green Bay Packers, spoke up on behalf of his fellow pro football players today with the angry charge that the present investigation of scandal is “ridiculous and disgusting.” Quinlan volunteered to undergo a lie detector test in testifying to the integrity of players in the NFL. “This thing disgusts me, and I figure it’s about time somebody stood up and spoke out for the players,” Quinlan declared. “This talk about point-shaving by anybody in our league is ridiculous. I think I’m in a pretty good position to know because for six years I’ve played in the league and for four of the six years the teams I’ve been with have figured in championship games. Off that experience, I’ll swear this — and I’ll take a lie test on it — that each and every ball player I’ve ever been associated with plays it to win.” “Tell me,” he continued, “what player in his right mind would jeopardize his livelihood, his family, everything, for a few lousy bucks? Do you know what happens in our locker room before every game we play? I’ll tell you. Every player goes down on his knees, and he prays. I’m not ashamed to admit it. In fact, I’m proud.”


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