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Owner of Segregated Facility in Maryland Crushes Eggs on Demonstrator

July 8, 1963 - A sit-in this afternoon in Cambridge, Md., brought the first brief skirmish and flurry of physical action in 25 days in the small cannery community of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. About eleven students, Negro and white, tried to enter a lunch counter known as Dizzyland shortly after Maryland National Guard troops had left the city at noon, demanding that the facility serve Negroes on an equal basis with whites. The students were barred from entering by Dizzyland’s owner, Robert Fehsenfeldt (pictured center). As the group members fell to their knees and sang, Mr. Fehsenfeldt emerged with an egg and crushed it on the head of Eddie Dickerson, a white demonstrator. Mr. Fehsenfeldtz then came back and broke a second egg on Dickerson, this time smearing it on the youngman’s face. Later, Mr. Fehsenfeldt returned a third time and poured a container of water over Mr. Dickerson. Dickerson kept singing with the other protestors. The sequence was recorded by photographers and T.V. cameras, but no arrests were made by the police. When Mr. Fehsenfeldt spoke sharply to a policeman who was standing nearby, ordering him to “get these people out of here — I know my rights,” the policeman made no response.


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