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Over 1,000 Reported Dead in Balinese Volcano

Mar. 21, 1963 - Balinese Government officials said today more than 1,000 people are believed to have died under foaming lava and deluges of hot ash pouring from the sacred Agung volcano in the last four days. They predicted the death toll would rise. Some 70 persons were reported hospitalized with burns, and an estimated 100,000 were said to be walking and riding toward safety, laden with whatever possessions they could carry. They were trying to get away as quickly as possible from the 10,308-foot-high volcano that first burst into activity in February after more than 100 years of silence. Officials said the flow of lava from Mount Agung had dwindled today, but a heavy pillar of smoke and ash was still belching from the volcano. The pillar, looking like a mushroom-shaped thundercloud, was visible from aircraft flying in the area.


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