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Oswald’s Widow Said To Believe He Killed JFK

Jan. 7, 1964 - Mrs. Marina Oswald is convinced that her husband, Lee Harvey Oswald, assassinated President Kennedy, her business adviser said today. James H. Martin, the adviser, said her conviction was so strong that even if a jury could find Oswald not guilty her opinion would be unchanged. Mr. Martin made the statement as he explained why Mrs. Oswald has resisted suggestions that she sue either Jack Ruby or the City of Dallas for the death of her husband. Oswald was shot to death by Ruby Nov. 24, two days after the assassination, in the basement of the Dallas city jail. “She has this feeling that her husband killed the President,” Mr. Martin said today. “When the lawsuits are proposed to her, she says that we should let sleeping dogs lie. That’s not her expression. She hasn’t learned that much English yet. But she’s convinced that he’s guilty, even though she cared for him.” Mrs. Oswald had previously told investigators about the night of April 10, 1963, when her husband told her he had fired a rifle shot at former Major General Edwin Walker in his Dallas study. Earlier, Oswald had left his wife a list of instructions in case he was arrested.

Oswald married his wife, Marina, who is now 22, in the spring of 1961, when he was in Russia as a defector from the U.S. Mr. Martin was the manager of a motel to which Mrs. Oswald and her two children were taken by the Secret Service after her husband was killed. Oswald’s older brother, Robert, hired him as her business adviser. Mr. Martin refuted reports that his client was being held in protective custody by the Government. He said: “Secret Service agents are guarding her, at the direct order of President Johnson, because there had been some crank letters threatening her life.” She now lives in a private residence in the Dallas area. Mr. Martin said she would soon begin looking for a house to buy for herself and her two small children in the area. A trust fund has been established for her with the more than $25,000 that has been received so far in donations. Mr. Martin speculated that she would receive between $1,000 and $1,500 annually from the fund. She would also receive $126 a month from her husband’s social security, he said.


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