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Oswald Linked to April Assassination Attempt on Former General Walker

Dec. 31, 1963 - New information linking Lee Harvey Oswald with an attempt on the life of former Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker was disclosed today by a spokesman for Oswald’s widow. Mrs. Marina Oswald (pictured being questioned by the Secret Service) has told agents investigating the assassination of President Kennedy that her husband confessed to her that he had fired a rifle bullet at Mr. Walker last spring. She has also turned over to the Secret Service a set of instructions her husband left her in case he was arrested April 10, the night the shot was fired at Mr. Walker at his home. The disclosures, which confirm earlier reports that Oswald had told his wife about trying to kill Mr. Walker, came today from Jim Martin, spokesman for Mrs. Oswald. Mr. Martin said that after the Walker episode, Mrs. Oswald warned her husband that if he were to shoot at anyone else, she would turn his note over to the police as evidence against him. Oswald left the note, written in Russian, in the bedroom of his Dallas home before he went out of the house early on the evening of April 10. In the note, he explained how she should pay the gas bill and the light bill. He also told her how to reach the Soviet Embassy and the Dallas City Jail. Sometime after she found the note, Mrs. Oswald told Mr. Martin, Oswald returned to their house white and shaking. “She said he was trembling,” Mr. Martin said. Oswald then confessed that he had fired a shot at Mr. Walker. After an all-night argument, he promised he never would do such a thing again. Walker, a controversial figure before and since leaving the Army, reported that he was working on his income tax report at his desk when a rifle bullet slammed through the window. The police later said it was probably a slight movement of Walker’s head that had saved him. “Somebody had a perfect bead on him,” Detective Ira Van Cleave said at that time. “Whoever it was was certainly out to kill him.”


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