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Oscar Nominations Announced

Feb. 26, 1962 - Nominations in the annual competition for Oscars were announced today by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences. Named in the best picture category were: “Fanny,” “The Guns of Navarone,” “The Hustler,” “Judgment at Nuremberg,” and “West Side Story.” Nominees for the best performance by an actor were: Charles Boyer, “Fanny”; Paul Newman, “The Hustler”; Maximilian Schell (pictured) and Spencer Tracy, “Judgment at Nuremberg”; and Stuart Whitman, “The Mark.” Named for the best performance by an actress were Audrey Hepburn, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”; Piper Laurie, “The Hustler”; Sophia Loren, “Two Women”; Geraldine Page, “Summer and Smoke”; and Natalie Wood, “Splendor in the Grass.”


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