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Orioles Top Yanks in Baltimore, Take Sole Possession of First Place

June 4, 1963 - Steve Barber and John (Boog) Powell (pictured) of the Baltimore Orioles did their specialties tonight with just a bit more skill than their opposite numbers — Ralph Terry and Mickey Mantle of the Yankees. Consequently, the Orioles triumphed, 3-1, and knocked the Yankees into second place, to the delight of most of the 37,137 spectators. It was the largest crowd of the season at Memorial Stadium. The victory was also highlighted by stellar defensive assists from Powell, Luis Aparacio, and Brooks Robinson. The Orioles took clear title to first place when the Chicago White Sox lost to the Los Angeles Angels. In pitching 8 and 2/3 innings and yielding 5 hits, Barber made but one major mistake — a home run pitch to Mantle. In his seven innings, Terry also made a big mistake — a home run pitch to Powell. This one made the difference because Powell hit his big shot after Robinson had singled in the fifth. Mantle’s was a solo shot. Thus Terry’s long-standing problem — the home run pitch — cost him and the Yanks dearly in the first game of a three-game series. “Terry could have been throwing beebees up their tonight, and I’d hit ropes the way I was feeling,” said a jubilant Powell after the game. “The home run pitch was low and away. I went after it hard but didn’t get everything into it that I wanted to. But I felt great tonight. It was just one of those nights.” As for Terry, he said: “I had that pitch to Powell right where I wanted it. I wanted to keep him from pulling it. It was a changeup, and he just overpowered it, that’s all. I felt pretty good tonight, but I hung a few.” Among those impressed by Powell’s performance was Yankee manager Ralph Houk. “I haven’t seen him too much, but he certainly strikes me as a good young power hitter,” said Houk.


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