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On Sale Today: “Tell Me” by the Rolling Stones

June 12, 1964 - On sale today is “Tell Me,” a new single by Britain’s Rolling Stones, who are currently embarked on their first U.S. tour. The B-side is “I Just Want to Make Love to You.”

Written by lead singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richard, “Tell Me” is a pop ballad, unlike most of the group’s offerings which are rooted in rhythm and blues.

The song’s lyrics are a glimpse of a failed relationship and the singer’s attempt to win back the girl’s love: “I want you back again; I want your love again; I know you find it hard to reason with me; But this time it’s different, darling, you’ll see.”

“Tell Me” was recorded in London in January and February of this year — versions both with and without Ian Stewart’s piano were cut. The version released today in the U.S. is the piano version.

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