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On Sale Today in Britain: “The Rolling Stones” Debut Album

Apr. 16, 1964 - On sale in Great Britain today is “The Rolling Stones,” the eponymous debut album from the British rock ’n’ roll group.

Recorded at Regent Sound Studios in London over the course of five days in January and February of this year, “The Rolling Stones” was produced by managers Andrew Loog Oldham and Eric Easton.

The majority of the tracks reflect the band’s love for R&B. Lead singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richard contributed only one original composition to the album: “Tell Me (You’re Coming Back).”

Phil Spector and Gene Pitney also contributed to the recording sessions, and are referred to as “Uncle Phil and Uncle Gene” in the subtitle of the instrumental “Now I've Got a Witness.”

The album cover photo was taken by Nicholas Wright. The cover bears no title or identifying information other than the photo and the Decca logo – an unprecedented design concept originated by Oldham.

The Stones beside Jagger and Richards are Brian Jones (backing vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, percussion), Bill Wyman (backing vocals, bass), and Charlie Watts (drums).

The group formed in London in 1962. They were signed to Decca on the recommendation of Beatle George Harrison.

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