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Olympic Skier Brutally Murdered in Reno

Apr. 6, 1963 - The dismembered body of a young British Olympic skier was found last night in her Reno, Nev., apartment, police announced today. Sonja McCaskie, 24, a quiet blond who kept largely to herself, had been decapitated, and her body had been stuffed into a cedar chest. Three kitchen knives were stuck in it. “This is the very worst murder case we have ever had,” said Police Chief Elmer A. Briscoe. “She apparently had been tortured before she was killed. It is the work of a sadist.” “There was no evidence of anyone breaking in,” said District Attorney William Raggio. “Whoever did it had some knowledge of anatomy because of the way she was cut up.” Police discovered the tragedy last night after the baby-sitter who cared for Miss McCaskie’s son became worried because the mother did not make her usual afternoon visit. Neighbors had heard no screams. Police said there was no evidence of a struggle. Blood was spattered all over the apartment. Bloodstained clothing was scattered about the small living room. In the kitchen, officers found bloodstained razor blades and knives. Doctors were unable to say how long Miss McCaskie had been dead. Though still a British citizen, Miss McCaskie had lived in the northern Nevada-California area for several years.


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