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Officials Believe Escaped Alcatraz Convicts Drowned

June 17, 1962 - The finding of a plastic bag containing personal effects has strengthened the belief that three convicts who fled Alcatraz Prison last Monday night drowned in San Francisco Bay. James V. Bennett, director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, said the contents of the bag had been traced to the three escapees. Frederick T. Wilkinson, assistant director of the Bureau of Prisons, who was sent to San Francisco to investigate the escape, said he tended to believe that the three felons had drowned in the bay’s swirling currents. The escapees, all convicted bank robbers, were Frank L. Morris of Louisiana, and brothers John and Clarence Anglin of Florida. Officials said the bag had been picked up Thursday afternoon off Angel Island, about a mile northeast of Alcatraz, by a boat of the Army Corps of Engineers. The bag held a receipt for a $10 money order made out to Clarence Anglin and cashed by the mail teller at Alcatraz. It also contained 50 or so photographs of children and adults. The bag and its contents were turned over to the FBI.

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