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OAS Terrorists Launch Another Attack in Algiers

May 23, 1962 - European Secret Army Organization (OAS) terrorists killed a special security policeman and wounded four others today in a gun battle in the center of Algiers. The incident was one of 33 acts of terrorist violence that cost the lives of 23 persons and left 29 wounded. Nineteen of the dead and twenty-two of the wounded were Moslems. The high number of attacks was attributed to a decision by the Right-wing OAS to exact blood toll from Moslems after the discovery yesterday of 15 European bodies buried on a farm near Algiers. Few details of the attack on the security policemen, members of the French Mobile Gendarmerie, were made public. Terrorists of the OAS were reported to have opened fire with machine guns and grenades on two vehicles in which the gendarmes were patrolling Boulevard Saint-Saens shortly after 10 a.m. Five members of the Patrol were wounded, and one of them died. Gendarmes immediately set up roadblocks and carefully searched all cars and pedestrians who tried to pass along the street.


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