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OAS Calls a Truce in Algeria

June 17, 1962 - The leaders of the European terrorists in Algeria proclaimed a new truce today. They ordered members of the Right-Wing Secret Army organization (OAS) to “suspend combat and halt destruction.” They made their declaration in a broadcast after Dr. Chawki Mostefai, leading nationalist member of the transitional executive council, yielded on three concessions the terrorists had requested in a series of talks earlier. The exchange of public statements revived hopes that Algeria’s transition to independence might become more orderly and that the majority of Europeans would decide to stay there. Dr. Mostefai promised a general amnesty for crimes committed by European terrorists prior to today. He said the amnesty would be proclaimed after the Algerian Government had obtained sovereignty and only if OAS terrorism did not resume after today. President de Gaulle (pictured) hailed the agreement by European and Moslem representatives in Algeria to undertake “their task, which is to construct together the new Algeria.”


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