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NYPD Launches “Operation Decoy”

Aug. 24, 1962 - Eight of New York’s finest became eight of New York’s fairest today as the Police Department’s “Operation Decoy” moved into the glamorous world of high fashion. The shift took place within the walls of the Beach Street Station House, where the department’s Tactical Patrol Force showed off eight of its burly patrolmen masquerading as women. To give the disguise a woman’s touch, headquarters sent up two policewomen to show the men how to apply make-up and to make their walk more attractive to would-be rapists and muggers. The object of Operation Decoy is to trap such criminals operating at night in the lonelier sections of the city. Purses of two of the disguised policemen were snatched in incidents last night in Central Park. Seven teenagers were arrested. There were eight other arrests by 1:30 a.m. this morning.


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