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NYPD Commissioner Murphy Assigns Extra Police to Parks and Recreation Facilities

May 16, 1962 - New York Police Commissioner Michael J. Murphy (pictured left with Mayor Wagner) today called on the extra policemen who have been assigned to parks and recreation facilities to keep those areas free of muggers, molesters, and degenerates. The Commissioner addressed 600 policemen, part of the 1,087 reinforcements assigned to city recreation areas for the summer. Mr. Murphy said: “Certainly, if there is any group that has a prior moral claim to the services of the police, it is the mothers and children and older people, whose health must be protected as they seek healthful recreation during the summer months. The parks, playgrounds, beaches, and pools are the only refuge for families who cannot leave the city and the millions who are forced to stay at home. Strict and prompt law enforcement must be our answer to any acts that threaten that right. There is no room for the mugger, the thief, the weapon carrier, the molester, the degenerate. There is no room for hooliganism, vandalism, and rowdyism.”


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