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NYC Judge Gives Antonino Rocca, Pro Wrestler, Break on Speeding Charge

Aug. 4, 1961 - Antonino Rocca (pictured left), the professional wrestler, received a suspended sentence today after he told Magistrate Edward D. Caiazzo, he had spent $122 to fly to New York from Miami to answer a speeding charge. Magistrate Caiazzo normally would have imposed a $15 fine for the offense - speeding 55 miles an hour on the West Side Highway. But he complimented the wrestler instead. Mr. Rocca said he flew to New York to "be a good citizen and do my duty." "I think you are a good citizen," Magistrate Caiazzo said. Outside court, the Italian-born 228-pound wrestler wiped perspiration from his forehead. "I was worried that I would go to jail," he said. "I would rather wrestle 10 men than go before a judge."


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