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NYC City Council Votes to Change Idlewild to Kennedy Airport

Dec. 10, 1963 - In an action marked by solemnity and silent prayer, the New York City Council voted unanimously today to change the name of New York International Airport at Idlewild, Queens, to the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Mayor Robert Wagner is expected to sign the measure — an amendment to the city’s Administrative Code — next week. Majority Leader Eric J. Treulich, Queens Democrat, said this was the first time in his memory that a local law had been sponsored by the entire Council. In urging the Council to approve the name change, Councilman Thomas J. Cuite, the Democrat who originally sponsored the bill, gave a brief eulogy: “Renaming of the city’s airport in honor of the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy will be an appropriate means of commemorating the memory of a great leader and a great American. Peace with honor was the dedicated and unswerving aim of the late President, and international unity, understanding, and cooperation were the means he sought to use to achieve this aim. It is my hope that the name John F. Kennedy will be emblazoned at our International Airport — the port of entry to hundreds of thousands to our country and, in fact, the international crossroads of the world.” Mr. Cuite later disclosed that the change in name had been delayed more than two weeks to receive the approval of the Kennedy family. Mrs. Kennedy notified the Council of her approval last week, he said.


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