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Nuclear Accord Reached Between U.S. and Canada

May 11, 1963 - The United States is expected to arm its Canadian-based missiles with nuclear warheads by late summer as the result of an accord reached today by President Kennedy and Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson (left). At the conclusion of the 24-hour conference, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Pearson declared their resolve to strengthen the security of the North American continent. U.S. sources said they believe a final agreement can be reached on the missiles by early June. They speculated that it would take an additional three months to work out details of getting the nuclear warheads to their points of destination. During their meeting on cold, blustery Cape Cod, the President and the Prime Minister covered a full range of U.S.-Canadian problems. Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Pearson hit it off like old friends and established a relaxed cordiality that would appear to bode well for both nations. President Kennedy and Mr. Pearson’s predecessor, John Diefenbaker, had disagreed on many matters, including the nuclear defense issue.


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