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Nobel Prize-Winning Chemist Predicts the Future

Mar. 16, 1963 - Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg (pictured in 1951), chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1951, predicted today that in 75 years — the year 2038 — man will build atom-powered undersea stations to extract mineral riches from the ocean floor. Seaborg made this and other forecasts at a ceremony celebrating the 75th anniversary of the University of Puget Sound. Looking 75 years into the future, he predicted:

— Nuclear rockets propelling men to and from the moon and the near planets.

— Fleets of atom-powered merchant ships sailing on and under the oceans.

— Safe travel to all parts of the earth in a few hours from vertical takeoff ports.

— Wrist-watch radio receivers and transmitters “capable of instant person-to-person communication.”

— Discardable clothing made of “miracle fibers.”


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