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Nixon Tells Gov. Brown to “Stand Up as a Man”

Oct. 1, 1962 - Richard M. Nixon accused Gov. Edmund G. Brown today of “privately” and “slyly” implying untruly that the former Vice President was connected with a $205,000 loan to his brother Donald. If Mr. Brown has any evidence of wrongdoing, the Republican challenger for the Governorship of California said, “stand up as a man and charge me with misconduct.” “Do it, sir,” Mr. Nixon demanded. Governor Brown, standing at a second podium a dozen feet away before a roomful of tense spectators, denied having made any such statements. The rival candidates clashed at a two-day national conference of UPI editors and publishers at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel. At the end, all signs of blood had disappeared. The debaters shook hands and Governor Brown gave Mr. Nixon a pat on the back as they conversed on the platform.


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