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Nixon: Kennedy Can Be Beaten in ‘64

Mar. 4, 1963 - Richard Nixon (pictured right in 1960) believes President Kennedy can be beaten in 1964, primarily because the New Frontier has been unable to deliver on 1960 campaign promises. The former Vice President, however, concedes Mr. Kennedy’s popularity. He believes the President has demonstrated “great salesmanship,” but that the product does not live up to the promises. The Republicans have many issues with which to challenge Mr. Kennedy, says his 1960 Presidential rival. Unemployment remains high; Cuba is worse than ever; the free world alliances are in disarray. Mr. Nixon has not made up his mind what he intends to do to earn a living. He will probably remain in the field of law. He intends to retain his residence in California, but he expects to spend at least one-third of his time in New York.


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