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Nixon Hits Communist Threat in California

Sept. 12, 1962 - Richard M. Nixon opened his big drive for the California governorship today by stressing communism, a subject that figured in his past campaigns. The former Vice President said his opponent, Gov. Edmund G. Brown, “is not capable of dealing with the Communist threat within our borders.” The Democratic Governor’s record, he continued, “shows not a single item of anti-subversive legislation in four years.” Mr. Nixon said his program “will make California a model for effectively dealing with an alien system — communism.” These remarks were uttered at a “kick-off” rally at the Los Angeles County Fair grounds at Pomona, where Mr. Nixon has opened previous campaigns. There has been little public discussion of internal Communist problems in California recently. However, attacks on alleged Leftist influences were memorable features of Mr. Nixon’s successful Congressional campaign in 1946 against Representative Jerry Voorhis, and his successful Senatorial campaign in 1950 against Helen Gahagan Douglas.


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