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Nixon: Extend War Into North Vietnam

Apr. 9, 1964 - Richard M. Nixon (pictured today arriving at Haneda airport in Tokyo), indicated today that he favored extension of the Vietnamese hostilities to the Communist-controlled north and would strongly recommend such action upon his return to the United States at the end of his present world tour.

The former Vice President, who has just visited Saigon, said he believed there had to be “a reappraisal of whether the present plan of allowing the Communists a privileged sanctuary in North Vietnam” is adequate.

“I will have recommendations to make when I get to the United States,” he said at a news conference at the Imperial Hotel.

Mr. Nixon said little success had resulted from the policy of “restricting the South Vietnamese to simply dealing with the Communist guerrillas in South Vietnam.” He said a strong body of opinion, particularly among the military, felt that merely to increase economic and military assistance would not suffice unless some countermeasures were taken against North Vietnam.

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