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Nixon Brings Back Chotiner for Showdown with Gov. Brown

Aug. 11, 1962 - Richard M. Nixon, faced with a make-or-break campaign for Governor of California, has summoned Murray Chotiner (pictured left in 1952), his one-time alter ego, from the wings. Mr. Chotiner, who managed Mr. Nixon’s winning campaigns prior to 1956, was quietly appointed campaign assistant last weekend. Although Mr. Chotiner denied that he was taking over the managerial reins from Robert Haldeman, most political observers saw the appointment as an obvious move by the former Vice President to help his Republican machine in the stretch run. Mr. Chotiner, a Beverly Hills lawyer, will serve as an unpaid volunteer. Mr. Nixon faces an uphill battle against Governor Edmund G. Brown, a Democrat. Nevertheless, Mr. Chotiner, with his usual positive approach, said this week: “Dick’s not in difficulty. I wouldn’t call this his toughest fight. Any campaign is a tough campaign. There is no such thing as a shoo-in in politics.”#GOP #California #election


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