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Nixon Accused of “Racial Insult”

Nov. 1, 1962 - The 400-member Negro Baptist Ministers Conference of Southern California protested today about an alleged “racial insult” committed by Richard M. Nixon (pictured campaigning in Los Angeles). The former Vice President, Republican gubernatorial candidate, was accused of having become exasperated during a campaign appearance and of having said to a prominent Negro clergyman: “Sonny — you should get your information straight.” The Rev. Edward V. Hill, pastor of the Mount Zion Baptist Church, to whom Mr. Nixon allegedly directed the remark, said today he considered it to have “Jim Crow” implications. He said he had retorted to the candidate: “My name isn’t ‘Sonny’ — it is the Rev. Edward Hill.” Rev. Hill said Mr. Nixon “reacted apprehensively and nervously” to questions about his Congressional voting record on nondiscrimination in employment and about his having entered into a real estate transaction in suburban Whittier including a “restrictive covenant” not to sell to non-whites.


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