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NFL Star Will Not Be Paid for Peace Corps Services

Feb. 5, 1963 - It was all a misunderstanding, and pro football star Norman Snead (#9) will not be paid $75 a day by the Peace Corps but will donate his services, corps director Sargent Shriver said today. Snead, Washington Redskins quarterback, said that when he joined the corps last week, he was told he would be paid $75 a day as a consultant to recruit athletic coaches for overseas duties. Rep. Victor Wickersham (D-Okla.) said that was too much pay. Shriver, returning from a two-week tour of South America, said today that it has been Peace Corps policy since its earliest days to make use of athletes on a volunteer, no-pay basis. Snead offered his services “and we thought he would be tremendous in recruiting athletic coaches who are badly needed overseas,” the corps director said, adding: “Norman never asked us for any money. A member of my staff suggested that, based on his record of earnings, it would be proper to pay him $75 a day. In fact, that is true. I have talked with Norman today and, just as I expected, he is just as interested in working for us without compensation as he was as a paid consultant. If there has been any mistake made in these negotiations, it was ours.”


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