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NFL: Packers Star Paul Hornung Directed by Army to Take Second Physical

Oct. 27, 1961 - Paul Hornung of the Green Bay Packers, originally scheduled for active Army duty next Monday, was directed today to take another physical examination requiring a ten-day hospital stay. Hornung, 26 years old and unmarried, previously was scheduled to report Monday for active Army duty at Fort Riley, Kan. He has suffered from a pinched neck nerve, which has sidelined him several times. The Army’s summoning of Hornung, Ray Nitschke, and Boyd Dowler of the Green Bay team — which is favored to recapture the NFL’s Western Conference title — has provoked considerable protest among Wisconsin football fans. Senator Alexander Wiley, Republican of Wisconsin, today requested the Defense Department to consider deferments for the trio. Wiley said he was aware of the manpower need in the armed forces, but suggested there also was a need to maintain high morale among civilians.


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