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NFL: Lions Dominate Eagles, 39-10, in "Runner-Up Bowl"

Jan. 6, 1962 - The Detroit Lions ran double and triple reverses against the Philadelphia Eagles and gained a 38-10 victory in the Orange Bowl today. A touchdown pass on a fake field goal was the final touch. It was almost all Detroit in this second annual professional playoff game between the runner-up teams in the NFL before 25,612 spectators. There was nothing dirty or vicious about the playing of the Lions. However, it was apparent that the men from Detroit tackled harder, blocked harder, and hit harder than their rivals. The 24-0 spread at halftime was evidence of how much harder the Western Division representatives had performed. Philadelphia’s quarterback, Sonny Jurgensen, suffered a severe shoulder separation, and Eagles offensive tackle J.D. Smith went out with a possible fracture below the knee.


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