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NFL: Jimmy Brown Breaks Rushing Record as Browns Destroy Eagles

Nov. 19, 1961 - Jimmy Brown, the 228-pound fullback of the Cleveland Browns, had his greatest effort as a professional as the Browns routed the Eagles, 45-24. He rushed for a record total of 242 yards, scored 4 touchdowns, and blocked savagely. The victory for Paul Brown’s bruisers lifted them into a tie with the Eagles for second place behind the Giants. The Giants, who meet the Browns in Cleveland next Sunday, have had success stopping Brown in his four years as a pro. The job will be harder this time. Jimmy Brown is a better fullback than ever. Blasting over 260-pound tackles and linebackers as if they were schoolboys, Brown set up five touchdowns with hard rushes through the middle and smashes around the ends. The 242 yards he made rushing eclipsed the league record of 237 yards for one game that he registered against the Rams in 1957. In total, Brown gained 318 yards, only 9 less than the entire Eagle offense could generate.


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