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NFL Holds Its Own Against World Series

Oct. 8, 1963 - Pro football has reached an elevation from which it can ignore, or even jeer, at baseball’s jewel, the World Series. Competing against the Series on television in all time zones last Sunday, the National Football League managed to fill four of its six home stadiums and played to 93% of capacity. And then there was that tremendous crowd of 84,684 Saturday night that saw Jimmy Brown obliterate the memory of baseball at Cleveland Stadium. The Sunday sellouts were in Washington, Philadelphia, Green Bay, and Chicago, with Detroit and Minneapolis-St. Paul contributing good but not capacity crowds. In the American Football League, the Kansas City Chiefs drew 27,807, which was commendable, but the Denver Broncos attracted merely 18,428 for a game against previously unbeaten San Diego, and then routed the Chargers, 50-34.


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