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NFL: Frank Grifford Not Considering Retirement

May 20, 1963 - Mention retirement and you get a quick allergic reaction from Frank Gifford. “Haven’t given a thought to anything like that,” retorts the veteran pro football back, who has spent 10 of the last 11 seasons with the New York Giants. Gifford is looking forward to the upcoming campaign and has his sights set on breaking a few more all-time Giant records. “For one thing, I’d like to stretch out my scoring record,” says Gifford. He also hopes to lock up the Giants’ pass-receiving mark. He is just four receptions shy of it. Alex Webster broke Frank’s rushing record last year, but, says Gifford, “Maybe I can get that back, too, if they play me at halfback.” The new flanker back position bugged him for a while, but nonetheless Gifford feels he had a reasonably good “comeback” season in 1962. It was good enough that UPI named him the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year. “I’ll do better this year,” predicts Gifford.


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