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NFL: Bobby Layne Announces Retirement

May 6, 1963 - Bobby Layne (pictured in 1959), the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers who came out of the University of Texas to set 4 career passing records in 15 seasons in the NFL, announced his retirement today. Layne, 36 years old, said his business operations demanded his full-time attention. The gridiron star lives in Lubbock, Texas. Layne came to Pittsburgh from Detroit in October of 1958 shortly after Buddy Parker took over as head coach. Parker also had coached Layne at Detroit. Layne holds the NFL records for most touchdown passes (187), most passes attempted (3,467), most passes completed (1,710), and most yards gained passing (25,082). He won 3 championships with the Detroit Lions, all against the Cleveland Browns, in 1952, 1953, and 1957.


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