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NFL: Army to Release Paul Hornung July 15

Apr. 29, 1962 - Paul Hornung (pictured with Bart Starr), the star back of the Green Bay Packers, said today that he expected to be released from the Army on July 15, the starting date for practice for the NFL season. Hornung, a jeep driver at Fort Riley, Kan., flew into Milwaukee to receive the sixth annual Joseph (Red) Dunn Memorial Award as Wisconsin’s 1961 “athlete of the year.” Hornung, a former Notre Dame star, also won the award in 1960. He tallied 146 points in the 1961 season and won the individual scoring title despite missing two games because of his call-up by the Army. He scored 19 points in leading the Packers to a 37-0 rout of the Giants in the title game on Dec. 31.


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