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New York Theaters Thrive Despite Newspaper Strike

Feb. 15, 1963 - New York’s movie-theater operators are not sure their business has been affected at all by the newspaper strike that began in early December. “Lawrence of Arabia,” which opened after the strike began and thus was deprived of the advantage of the exposure of a generally strong set of reviews, has nonetheless enjoyed capacity business at its two-a-day performances at the Criterion. “Days of Wine and Roses” (pictured) opened at the Radio City Music Hall in the dead of January without any pre-opening newspaper build-up and with no published reviews other than those in the weekly magazines and those broadcast on television and radio. Furthermore, its subject, alcoholism, might be considered of doubtful attractiveness. However, it is now in its fourth week at the theater and has done “extraordinarily well” for a film showing there at this season, according to the Hall. Its week-by-week grosses are comparing favorably with those of “Lover Come Back,” an enthusiastically reviewed comedy that was showing there this time last year. “David and Lisa,” which has no stars in its cast, has also been a surprising hit.


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