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New Strangling Victim in Boston

May 8, 1963 - A young music teacher was found strangled tonight in her apartment just off Harvard Square, confronting the police of the Boston metropolitan area with the ninth such unsolved slaying in the last 11 months. The latest victim was identified by police as Beverly F. Samans, 26 years old. Pictured right is Mrs. Herman Samans, the victim’s mother, at the Cambridge Police Station. Miss Samans had been strangled with a stocking, and her hands were bound behind her by another stocking. There were puncture wounds in her body, and the police said it appeared she had been raped. They were unable to find anyone who had seen her since Sunday night. They went to the apartment building after receiving a call from Oliver Chamberlain, a fellow teacher and acquaintance. They found her in her first-floor apartment. Police departments have pooled their information, and Massachusetts has posted rewards of $5,000 in each unsolved slaying. Investigators are not convinced one person is responsible for all nine attacks. The police said the girl was from Beckley, W. Va. She had been studying music in Boston and doing volunteer work in hospitals, sometimes singing for patients. The hospital connection tied in with other stranglings. Some of the earlier victims either had worked in hospitals or had been under treatment there.


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